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General YOGA FAQs

Absolutely. Our yoga sessions are excellent for beginners and intermediate. Join a free trial session.

Yoga is an effective and natural-way of losing weight. There are specific yoga practices which helps tremendously in reducing weight.

With regular yoga practice and a healthy diet one can shed off those extra fat.

Of course.

In our one-on-one yoga session you will get instructions which are customized to your body, your needs, and your goals.

What that means is that, along with yoga for your overall well-being, you will also learn yoga therapy which will immensely help you to cure your specific health problems.

With yoga therapy one can cure serious health problems like cervical, spondylitis, asthma (by special breathing practices), back pain, knee pain, managing stress, frozen shoulder and many more.

It would be best for you to join a regular class and let us know about your health issue during the live session.

  • Enhance memory and concentration power.
  • Builds immunity.
  • Sound sleep.
  • Stress free life.
  • Overall well-being.
  • Benefits are endless…

Any form of physical activity done correctly can help one’s overall health.

YOGA, which originated from ancient India, is backed by research and studies. YOGA goes beyond physical activity and helps in reducing stress and strengthening one’s mind.

It cannot be denied that exercise isn’t bad. One should do exercise or any physical activity daily, it’s good; but YOGA just goes beyond the body; to the level of mind & spirit. YOGA is the need of the hour.

A private live yoga session meant for you, where a yoga instructor will specifically be instructing yoga to you only and no-one else. A 60 minutes of instruction customized to your body, your needs, and your goals.

A private live yoga session means for two people under the same roof (home), where a yoga instructor will specifically be instructing yoga to both of you only and no-one else.

Before Booking Your Session FAQs

Absolutely. Our yoga instructors have studied, practiced yoga in depth and have a good experience in teaching yoga. Their life revolves around YOGA. Our yoga instructors are not those who learnt yoga for a month or two for the sake of earning money. All our yoga instructors are EXPERTS..

Yoga instructors are assigned on the first come first served basis, according to available dates-&-time, so you cannot choose a specific yoga instructor.

However, if you want, we will try to assign the same instructor with whom you have done your previous sessions, but only if the instructor is available during your selected dates-&-time.

All our yoga instructors are experts, well-mannered and have a long experience in teaching yoga. However, if you want to change a yoga instructor you can do so only once during your regular session package with valid reason(s).

Please note, it can take up to 7 days to assign a new instructor.

Yes, of course.

Free Trial Class: You can select your preferable time & date when you want to do your free trial session.

Regular Class: You can select your preferable time (which will be fixed for the rest of your session) and date from when you want to start your regular sessions.

Though, your selected date & time will always be honored, however if we are unable to fulfil the same, we will give you another time and/or date option(s) and proceed after your confirmation.

Each session includes 60 minutes of practice. Allow an hour, to give yourself a little cushion before and after.

Anyone above the age of 10 (ten) is welcome.

All our yoga instructors are well versed in both English & Hindi. As such, sessions are conducted in English and/or Hindi as per your convenience.

During Booking Your Session FAQs

When booking a free trial class, please select your preferred date in the form where you will be asked to provide your phone number and email address. Once the form is submitted, one of our representatives will contact you via phone/email to fix the time on the day which you have selected during form submission.

Though your selected date will always be honored, however, if we cannot fulfill the same, we will suggest another date-&-time and proceed after your confirmation.

WhatsApp is a free app that enables messaging, voice calls and video calls on your smartphone or tablet. Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t have voice calls or video calls facilities for laptops.

Skype is an online service that enables chats, voice calls and video calls on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. A basic account is free.

After Booking Your Session FAQs

Our instructor will get in touch with you via phone/email once you submit the free trial form for further details.

In order to avoid causing yourself undue stress, plan to be ready for your virtual session on time (5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time).

Wear comfortable cloth that will stretch with you and allow for a full range of body movements (yoga pajamas, or shorts and a fitted t-shirt or yoga top). Avoid wearing clothing that is too baggy. Typically, yoga is practiced with bare feet.

Eating a heavy meal less than 3 hours before you plan to take a yoga session is not advisable. A light snack (fruit or veggies) may be appropriate up to 30 minutes before the session.

To practice yoga, all you really need is you. To make your practice more comfortable, we suggest you bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Make sure that you have a working internet, a mobile or laptop with working audio & video. Any delays due to non-working of the internet, mobile/laptop from your side will not be considered for extended time.

General respect for instructors is expected, but additional courtesies include not texting and answering calls during the session.

Regular Session FAQs

Because your yoga session time has been reserved especially for you, we cannot reschedule or cancel your yoga sessions. Any used yoga sessions are considered as forfeited.

The person who registered for the yoga package should be the one taking the sessions.

We cannot transfer any of your sessions to another person.

We do not issue refunds for any unused sessions. Sessions that are not conducted prior to the expiration date of the package are considered forfeited.

We reserves the right to terminate contracts at its sole discretion. In case of any such termination, we will refund any unused funds.

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