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Kapalbhati is a very effective Practice SHATKARM KRIYA in yoga. To clean our lungs, improve the Breath. Some people count these Practice in Pranayama also

Bhramari Pranayama

Now a days, Our stress level increase a lot Because of the polluted Environment bad habits and unnatural foods. Recent days are so stressful for

Yoga and Diet for Weight Gain

Today, we’ll talk about how to gain weight with a very healthy diet plan…….? Obesity is a problem for so many people, same like being

Face Yoga

Everyone wants to be look younger and beautiful and it’s possible too. So, I will reveal the Secret behind it. It call this Secret of

Yoga To Boost Immunity Power

After Covid -19 the whole world scare and grapple . People are getting concerned about their health. While practicing good hygiene is a first priority.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Today’s there is no time or very less time to everyone We all are so busy in our life we don’t have time for self.