Bhramari Pranayama

Now a days, Our stress level increase a lot Because of the polluted Environment bad habits and unnatural foods.
Recent days are so stressful for everyone Because of Coronavirus and Lockdown situation and by stress, tension in our head, our sleep quality affected too much Which is a quit serious problem for everyone, So we have to do something for that. That,s why our Rishi Muni developed a wonderful practice for this. The Practice called BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA.
It is one of the best breathing Exercise to free the mind or free from Agitation, frustration or anxiety and get Rid of anger to a great extent and for a sound sleep.


The sound we generate while Practicing Bhramari is resembles the humming sound of a bee in throat cartilage creates a calming effect in the brain and body.

So, Today we will Discuss everything about BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA.
BHRAMARI is the name of a black bee in India.
The exhalation in This pranayama resembles the typical humming sound of that bee.

Along with these benefits of BHRAMARI there are some other amazing benefits also …….

1. It’s tremendous practice in high blood pressure.

2. This PRANAYAMA Practice speed up our healing process in the body so after the surgery this Practice can be very useful for speedy Recovery.

3. It’s strength and improve our vocal cards in throat which improve our voice.

4. It’s also eliminate throat problem.

5. BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA Practice giving a massaging effect to our internal organ of the body Specially in the head by vibration.

So, These are the BENEFITS We are getting by a single practice.

How to do Bhramari Pranayama:-

Sit in any Meditative posture SUKHASANA , PADMASANA , whichever is comfortable for you If you can’t sit down you can sit on chair also.
Your back and neck should be straight, Your eyes closed and whole body Relax. Now touch your tongue to the upper palate.

Now the question is Why tongue has to touched to soft palate…..?
Ans. Tongue is touched with soft upper palate to activate the parasympathetic system, for calmness and focused and to improve mind concentration. It also Empower our brain.

Now again the question Why SUNMUKHI MUDRA…..?
Ans. Because to close our senses from outside to go inside more deeper.

Now inhale deeply slowly from nose and while exhaling make a honey bee sound.
This is one round Once again inhale deeply and while exhaling make a honey bee sound from throat, this is the BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA.
In beginning you can go for 9 rounds and slowly by practice you can increase the rounds and timing 10 minutes or 15 minutes.
If you are in extreme stress or tension then you can go for 15 minutes also continue.

Precaution …….

Some people say there is no precaution but it’s wrong there are some precautions we should take care……

1. Those who have any kind of ear problem or ear infection they should avoid the practice until the infection has cleared up.
2. Those experiencing frequent chest-pains.
3. Those who are prone to get epilepsy.

So, this is all about amazing practice of BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA.
Thank you so much for your valuable time.
May all be happy and healthy.