Yoga and Diet for Weight Gain

Today, we’ll talk about how to gain weight with a very healthy diet plan…….? Obesity is a problem for so many people, same like being underweight or thin body is also a problem for some people. weight gain is just as hard for some people as weight loss is for others.
so, Today i will teach you how to gain Weight …….?
Being Underweight there are also some health risks associated with it. healthy scar, vitamin deficiency, growth and development issue, In children low immunity, fertility issue in woman etc. And it also give a bad look to our personality.
Now ,the question is how will you know that you are underweight…..?

Answer:-  BMI (body mass index) when BMI is lower than 18.5 it means you are underweight. This is the BMI formula.
The BMI calculation divides an adult’s weight in kilograms (kg) by their height in meter’s (m) squared. For example, if you weigh 70kg (around 11 stone) and are 1.73m (around 5 feet 8 inches) tall, you work out your BMI by: squaring your height: 1.73×1.73 = 2.99. dividing 70 by 2.99 = 23.41.

BMI is just an Estimate of your body fat based on your height and weight. it’s not fully correct as i said it’s just an estimate. if you eat anything to gain weight like junk and oily food that’s not at all a good way to gain weight by this you could be obese also. so it’s very important to gain weight in a very healthy manner .
Now i will explain your diet Routine………
if you follow you will see the results within few days .

Diet Routine:- 
After wake up in the morning ,
1. Start your day with two to three glass of warm water, it will detoxify your body and help to wake up your internal organ.

2. After that fresh up, you can eat 8 to 10 piece of soaked almond or walnut.
these are very good full of nutrition, vitamin and protein.

3. Then yoga practice for at least 45 minutes to one hour YOGASANA PRANAYAM.

4. Yoga is very important to boost your immunity, Reduce your stress, tension and depression because, sometimes depression and stress is a main Reason behind to being under weight. In this case, yoga playing a very Important Role in our Routine. Your diet also will work only when you do your workout or yoga practice daily at least five to six days in a week .

5.Then after your yoga practice don’t have your breakfast at once at least give a gap around 20 to 30 minutes. In between you can take protein shake, banana shake, orange juice or energy drink anything.

6. In breakfast ,take more and more nutrition food like vegetable, fruits, whole grain bread with peanut butter, dairy product. Omelette or boiled egg or you can take stuffed paratha also. Breakfast is a very Important Meal of the whole day. It should be full of nutrition also which will keep you energetic throughout the day

7. Always Remember don’t eat too much at a time whether it’s breakfast lunch or dinner always eat small meal.
Frequently, throughout the day like after every two hours .you have to
eat something so, that your Metabolic Rate will not be slow.

8. Use big plate or pot when you eat your meal .it’s a psychological fact, stick with foods that are rich in nutrition.

9. After two hours of the breakfast take some snacks, In snacks, it’s very good to take smoothies ,homemade smoothies, ice cream ,banana smoothies or black grape smoothies whichever you like it.

10. After this now, it’s time for a lunch . Take more calories food if you are non-veg you can take chicken, add cheese in your meal to add more calories. we can take Rice, chapati, dal ,vegetables and curd normally, in this eat more vegetables .
Lentils legumes less rice and less chapati so, we’ll get more nutrition so this was our lunch.

11. After two hour of lunch, It,s time for snacks again .it’s very good to have green tea instead of cold drink or Normal tea . With tea you can take Roasted dry fruits, sandwich with peanut butter, Roasted makhana, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds. these things are full of nutrition and protein vitamins etc.

12. After this snacks, you can take soup if it’s winter season or any type of juice if it’s summer season. Soup or juice are very good for energy and immunity.

13. Now in dinner time , Make your own salad dressing with healthy oils add sweet potato, Trepico and other starchy vegetables along with regular vegetable and chapati in your dinner.

14. Now At bedtime, if you like you can take one glass of warm milk .

So, This is your whole day Routine. some more things i want to share friends first, Use sugar in a very less quantity in your diet instead of sugar, you can add honey, honey is very good source of antioxidant and also very good in digestive issues.

After your meal, if you want to eat sweet ,which some people like to eat, you can eat dark chocolate after every meal.
why dark chocolate……….? because dark chocolate contains full of fiber, vitamin and protein that’s why.
this whole day diet plan is about 2000 calories along with diet, your sleep also should be for 7 to 8 hours that’s also very important. it is important to note that the diet plan and the caloric requirement and the portion of size differ from person to person depending on their age gender and body weight the diet will also with the timing of the workout schedule if you follow this routine i guarantee , you will definitely gain weight around 4-5 kg in a month.