Kapalbhati is a very effective Practice SHATKARM KRIYA in yoga.
To clean our lungs, improve the Breath. Some people count these Practice in Pranayama also ,So
what is meaning of kapalbhati?
how to do normal & Advance Kapalbhati?
What is the BENEFITS, precaution
and common Mistake which unknowingly do by people and has to Rectify.
So let’s talk about it’s meaning & benefits first, then we will go for practice
Kapalbhati means by word u will know (it’s a Sanskrit language word)
KAPAL means HEAD and BHATI means BRIGHTNESS, That it’s bring Radiance & Brightness to our face..

Benefits of the kapalbhati :-

1. It,s very good in digestion Removal of acidity and gas Related problems.
2. Regular practice of kapalbhati is also beneficial for belly fat loss.
3. Because we forcefully breathing which strengthens lungs and increases its capacity.
4. “It helps in removing blockages in lungs.
5. It also increases blood supply to various parts of the body.
6. It activates the body and removes lethargyness.
7. It activates the brain cells and improves memory and concentration power.
8. “Kapalbhati has spiritual paybacks as well. It activates the chakras in the body and helps in achieving a higher, greater awakening.
So these are the benefits of the KAPALBHATI.

Its divide this practice in two parts for your better understanding..
(1) Posture
(2) Breath.

(1st part) In posture, your back & neck should be straight .You can sit in any Meditative posture like SUKHASANA , PADMASANA ,and SIDDHASANA . If you can’t sit down you can sit on chair also.
Both hands in chin mudra And your eyes will be closed. So this will be our pose for KAPALBHATI.
(2nd part) is Breath Before start take some normal breathing Inhale EXHALE, Now you have to forcefully EXHALE (forget about INHALATION, it will be automatically happen) fully concentrate on your EXHALATION .This is only the main part of the Practice So, Be careful .
When u EXHALE your stomach will go in. forcefully exhalation
So, this is the Practice.

Types of Kapalbhati:-

TYPE 1: Alternative Nostril KAPALBHATI
In this , We use single nostril to exhale .First adopt NASIKA MUDRA use ring Finger and thumb.
close your right nostril with thumb and forcefully exhale with left then close your left with ring finger and exhale with right, repeat it same again and again. Inhalation will happen automatically without your awareness.
Alternative nostril KAPALBHATI have more power than normal KAPALBHATI but should done once u master in normal KAPALBHATI .

TYPE 2: Advance Practice of KAPALBHATI is with (kumbhka).
This is usefull for spritual aspirants only not for all.

Kapalbhati should do by beginners 2 to 3 Rounds everyday. Every round will be 40 to 60 strokes. After every round stop for a while before start second Round to get your breath in normal. slowly by Practice you can increase the Rounds and strokes also 60 to 80 , 80 to 100 and more as per your comfort.
After every round you may feel (spontaneous Breath Retantion) for a while. it’s mean you are doing very good. In that ,you may feel enormous, calmness and peace in your mind. Whatever changes u feel just feel and let it go. because, our journey is very long towards the higher Consciousness.
now the common mistakes which happens during the practice .

Some practitioner take INHALE . So, this should not happen
As i said INHALATION will happen automatic.No need to focus on there..
So these are the mistakes usually happens So Be CAREFUL.

Now Precautions ……….

1. Those who have very High BP, Severe back pain , heart disease, headache they should do under supervision only. Otherwise, their problem can increase by this Practice so be careful .
2. Female should avoid in Pregnancy and their periods.
3. Those who have undergone in Recent surgery of Abdomen or back or thoracic Region they should Avoid the Practice.

So this is all about KAPALBHATI.
Thank you so much for Your valuable time.
May all be happy and healthy.