Face Yoga

Everyone wants to be look younger and beautiful and it’s possible too. So, I will reveal the Secret behind it.
It call this Secret of beauty The specialty of this Secret is…..
1. It’s very simple to follow
2. Anybody can do this
3. Time saving
4. Totally natural

Now the secret is
1. Be cautious about your diet, always eat Nutrition diet full of protein, fiber & vitamin, and say
no to junk or oily food.
2. Good sleep is very important to relax your mind and body so always sleep on time and wake up on time.
3. Drinks lots of water to detox your body eliminate the waste from your body.
So, These things are also very important along with our practice..
Now we will go to our practices part
1. Facial Practice 2. Pranayama.

   Facial practice,
These facial practice is very good to improve the blood circulation and oxygen level, energy level on the face..
make sure that your hands is clean, nicely washed..

1. Hand Rub practice………
you have to Rub your hands vigorously 10 to 12 times, Make them warm by rubbing, you feel the warmness in your palm that warmness you have to rub on your face make sure your whole face is covered. Everything should cover on your face . This you can do for 3 to 5 times.

2. Blow the air………
first, you have to inhale, hold the breath 4 to 5 seconds then exhale. once again inhale from your mouth ,hold the breath 4 to 5 seconds Every time your cheeks will come out.
so, This is the blow the air to improve the oxygen level on your face.

3. Face Stretching……..
This practice is also very good to remove the stiffness or any tightness in your facial muscle because of that also we got so many problem in our facial muscle.
First open your mouth wider as much as much possible hold for 3 to 4 second then relax, repeat it 5 to 7 times.
second stretching pull your lips to sideways left and right 5 to 6 times as much as possible after that relax.
so, this is the practice face stretching

4. Steaming………..
Its very good to take steam of hot water, twice or thrice in a week if you take the steam is very good to remove dead cell from the face and freshen the fascial muscle.

So, These are the 4 practices for the face
these practice you can do anywhere at your office or home.
It will take hardly 5 to 7 minutes not more than.
So these are the facial practices for a glowing and Radiance face

Now 2nd part is


to Reduces the stress and eliminate the waste and detoxify chemical from the body
Because of stress we look dull, we got dark circles, acne on the face and
Skin problem and other problems also.
So, Stress level must be Reduced.
PRANAYAMA is very effective to Reduce stress and also good to balance PRANA SHAKI the vital force in the body.
In PRANAYAMA , first will go for

How to do KAPALBHATI ……?
In PRANAYAMA , you have to sit straight, your back should be straight ,your neck should be straight or in any meditative posture, if you can’t sit down you can sit on the chair also.
Now we breath out exhale forcefully
your stomach will go in every exhale forget about inhalation. it will automatically happen.
continuously forcefully exhale
so, This is the KAPALBHATI .
For the beginners, 40 to 60 Times you can go continue for 3 rounds. every rounds give a gap for 20 to 30 seconds and then start your next round
So, this is the KAPALBHATI.

Now second Pranayama is

Adopt chin mudra from your left hand , Nasika mudra from the right you have to use your thumb and ring finger
close your right nostril now inhale with left close your left nostril with ring finger exhale with right Now, inhale with right fully close right nostril with the thumb exhale with the left.
So, This is the first round, same like you have to go for 9 times. you can increase the timings you can increase the Rounds.

Now, third is

Sit comfortably and allow your eyes to close. Take a breath or two to settle in and notice the state of your mind. When you’re ready, inhale and then, for the entire length of your exhalation, make a low- to medium-pitched humming sound in the throat. Notice how the sound waves gently vibrate your tongue, teeth, and sinuses. Imagine the sound is vibrating your entire brain (it really is). Do this practice for six rounds of breath and then, keeping your eyes closed, return to your normal breathing. Notice if anything has changed.

So, These are the Three PRANAYAM.
if you do these things continue or adopt in your life you will definatly look younger and beautiful.